Faulty Mapex stool – Solution and repair.

The model T350 drum stool of the well-known brand of acoustic drums “Mapex” is among the most used models by drummers because it is among the most robust and at the same time economic among those found on the market. Look best drum review.

The Mapex battery seat is in fact equipped with a good three-foot with double flange and rubber feet that anchor very well to the ground. The stool cushion is very comfortable and soft thanks to the thickness of about 6 centimeters.

Mapex defects

The Mapex stool, like other accessories and mechanics, that we have analyzed, however, presents some defect that has been found by numerous drummers who have used it.

1. The height

Although this drum stool is well-designed and designed for drummers of all heights and weights, Mapex has not considered that a very heavy drummer often tends to have the problem of slipping the stool’s telescopic tube. In fact, it happens that while you are playing, you feel yourself sinking because the locking screw does not hold very well.

Fortunately, the presence of a memory ring applied to the telescopic tube helps to prevent this from slipping inside the seat. Be careful to always use the memory and tighten it tightly with the locking bolt. Only with one of the systems does the stool not hold. Both points must always be tightened.

Despite the double locking system, however, it happens that while playing, you risk sinking and losing the set point.

Furthermore, Mapex has not considered that the memory clamp on the stool tube is used to memorize the height and not to block. With a little patience in setting the seat, the problem is solved anyway.

2. Locking the cushion

The most serious problem with this model is that the part of the pillow is stuck on a piece of iron mounted on the pipe. Although this is very well blocked by a guide dug inside it, it is precisely this that is not fixed well to the tube.

The piece of solid steel turned and mounted on the telescopic tube is unfortunately fixed badly. After the first use, in fact, there is a small movement that, if you want a very stable drum with no movement, is not the best among the models.

How to solve the problem

The problem is solved with a small operation in the mechanical workshop.

What is needed?

  • A pipe clamp
  • A welder

The problem is solved simply by applying a clamp in the joint between the tube and the final piece.

For greater safety, it is advisable to weld the clamp to both parts.

If the stool has already ruined the tube by widening the seat, just weld the two parts in order to stop everything.

The “Mapex” battery hardware, despite being accessible for very low prices, could be improved and fall within the range of professional battery accessories.